Welcome to WLC

Welcome this is the WLC-Homepage. WLC is now administered by the WINC e. V.. For newer informations please visit www.winc-ev.org.

We at WLC are proud to present you a new digital currency that uses the bitcoin technology (freicoin fork) to launch a fair and easy to use currency that can provide economic growth in the low level market worldwide.

In WLC a taxation system - called demurrage - is included that was first reported around 1150. In the time till 1450 in mid-europe a currency was released by the landlords that was legal for one year. After that year the coins were "recalled" and you get 80 new coins for 100 old while 20 new coins were used as a tax payment.

This currency was the first known demurrage currency and created wealth and peace for 300 years in many parts of mid-europe. In contrast to deflationary or inflationary monetary systems which could easily concentrate wealth within a small group of people (700 people own half of all fiatcurrency; 1000 people own half of all Bitcoins), demurrage currencys bring wealth to more people because they circulate faster (like the Woergl-Freimoney).

What if..